Valentine’s day is one of my favorite holidays. I’m such a sucker. Even if when I’m single, I have a great time & I typically ALWAYS get a gift. [that sounds so damn selfish]

When I think of songs to play in the bedroom [IF I have someone] most guys reach for that old school classic shit and honestly I CANNOT get down w| the cliche, obvious songs. A lot of the times I can’t connect, it doesn’t reach my loins AT ALL. Some songs can make the cut & thats a small ‘some’.

Like the D’Angelo (y’all know damn well what song), the Boyz II Men, the Marvin Gaye. Don’t get me wrong, of course nothing really beats the classics but typical “baby making music” never did it for me. Slow ballads w| proclamations of everlasting love & love making lasting until the sun comes up is nice and all but so fckn boring.

Personally, I like to hear songs that make me feel like a likkle slutty minx. Sexy songs are sexy songs but want to feel sexy when I hear it in order to be put in the mood. Pretty explicit lyrics that make it obvious what’s going on. Yeah, making love is sweet [I honestly HATE the phrase] but I don’t need a sound track for that. Sex should be fun, not so serious.

So with that said, these are MY favorite sexy time songs. These aren’t my only picks but the ones I thought of on the top of my head. Feel free to add!

Miguel – Teach Me


Miguel is a repeat offender on this list. He makes the BEST sex songs. If you not on Miguel, PLEASE do your sex life a favor & pull up on him. People may disagree but I feel as though he’s like a modern day Prince. He can actually sing unlike A LOT of these new school crooners and the contrast of his smooth voice & with gritty lyrics makes me wanna eat a dick. The thought of schooling a man on how to please your body seems nerve wracking but it makes for the best sex, I promise you. Most men are more than willing to learn. Closed mouths don’t get fed, ladies.


Drake – Own It


I mean, Drake puts me in a sexy mood regardless. I think he fine as hell 😛 Anyway, I guess one wouldn’t consider this a song to have sexy time to but I’ve heard of people fckn to gospel music before sooooo…..Let me live.

Drake saying all the right things to me in this song. Although, I don’t think he can sing very well, honestly but this song is just too damn good.


Ashanti ft. Jeremih – Love Games


MAN LISTEN. I fckn love this song. I like Ashanti & all but its Jeremih who makes this song. He sounds so damn delicious. I never would have paired the two of them together for a duet. Maybe Ashanti should have picked someone that wouldn’t outshine her so bad. I feel like she got cooked on her own song but w|e thats neither here or there.

I love the idea of playing games in bed. As I said before, sex should be fun.


Rihanna – Kiss It Better


Rihanna truly outdid herself w| this entire fckn album. This album was what I expected from her her entire career. But this song in particular?? GWORL.

I know what you may think “WHAT ABOUT ‘SEX WITH ME’ ??” YES that’s sexy song but a song to fck to? Not necessarily. Well not to me anyway. “Kiss It Better”  gives me such 80’s vibe w| that guitar in the background. This song makes for great makeup sex.


Miguel  – the valley


It doesn’t get any more filthy than “the valley”. Holy fckn shit. Miguel is honestly just singing just pure, unadulterated filth.

“I wanna fck like we’re filming in the valley”

Well ok then. That’s honestly one of the most tame lines of the song. And if you’re confused on what the “valley’ is, he’s referring to San Fernando Valley, the damn porn capital of the world. I don’t wanna speak too much on the damn song, just listen to it.


Mya – It’s All About Me


It’s my damn theme song! I’m not a selfish lover, I swear but I am spoiled AF. It’s ALL ABOUT ME. Always has been. The bedroom is no exception.


The Weeknd – The Party & The After Party


This is my favorite song on this entire mixtape. The Weeknd in his prime was the best. I’ve always loved how he sang. On God, I have no idea wtf he talking about. It always has some kind of druggy undertone, which I can’t really relate to anymore but I have been high/drunk while having sex before. It is QUITE the fckn trip. [Was that a pun?]


Miguel – FLESH


AHH Miguel ❤ He sings in falsetto for the majority of the song which makes my titties tingle. This song feels & sounds gritty but his falsetto is such sexy contrast.


Usher – That’s What It’s Made For


Back in 2004 when this album first dropped, me & my sister ran this gotdamn CD into the ground. I’m slightly embarrassed at the fact. Being a 16 yr old virgin, I didn’t appreciate this song as much as I do now as a …not 16 yr old virgin.


Janet Jackson – I Get Lonely


What’s a sex playlist w|o Ms. Twentyforeplay herself? Ms. Janet Jackson. This entire album is practically a sex playlist on its own. Every time I hear this song, I just remember how bomb she looked in the video. I couldn’t wait to get a pushup bra & wear it w| a pantsuit.


Frank Ocean – Pyramids [Pt II]


Yummy Frank Ocean<3 The first part of the song is dope & all but I wasn’t expecting such a drastic change of pace. Neither was I expecting to love it so much. It’s such a sexy bop. Like many others, this song gives me major stripper vibes. I mean, who doesn’t wanna be little stripper hoe for their man SOMETIMES??


Toni Braxton – You’re Makin’ Me High


Just like Usher’s Confessions, I ran this album into the ground. However, I was way younger. I just liked the music. Fast forward about 20 years, and I grew obsessed. With the song in particular. I LOVED the video & that damn white catsuit. Toni’s voice was always insanely sexy and even though as a kid, I had no idea what she was singing about, it truly peaked my interest. Hearing this song as an adult, just makes me wish I had a white catsuit, a podium to dance on & a slightly better wig than she had on.


The Weekend – The Morning


It’s our favorite Star Boy, AGAIN. Same album as last. Honestly, I have no idea what this song is about, but his smooth crooning and almost conversational like verses puts me in the perfect mood for 5 glasses of wine & explicit behavior.



112 – Anywhere 


This song, like the bulk of the songs on this playlist, is filthy. It was a close call b|w this and You Already Know but I had to go w| Anywhere. I really forgot this song is nearly 20 years old but it sounds so fresh. Besides, fckn all over the house seems so much fun! The bed room, kitchen, patio & my personal favorite, the bathroom 😀  112 had some of the best nasty tunes. [who can forget Peaches & Cream?] The only thing that turns me off about this song is Lil Zane.


Miguel – Use Me


OKOKOKOKOK This is the last Miguel song, I pwomise. The title suggests exactly what the song is about. When a man finally becomes submissive in bed, beautiful things happen.



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